Volunteer Walk of Honour


Friends of Keji

The Friends of Keji Cooperating Association is made up of a knowledgeable pool of people willing to share their expertise for the betterment of Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site.  We provide an important voice of support, with hands-on and financial assistance for complementary services and activities to visitors. 

Historic Site

“...the cultural landscape of Kejimkujik National Park, which attests to 4000 years of Mi’kmaq occupancy of this area, and which includes petroglyph sites, habitation sites, fishing sites, hunting territories, travel routes and burials, is of national historic significance...”

Species at Risk

The Adopt-A-Turtle program, which is administered through the Friends of Keji Cooperating Association, has 10 turtles available for adoption (males and females) at a cost of $33 for individuals, schools and businesses.

Dark Sky Preserve

Kejimkujik invites you to experience the astronomical depth of its Dark-Sky Preserve. Gaze at brilliant celestial bodies through a telescope, binoculars, or with the naked eye. Go deeper to discover how stars have inspired centuries of story, song and legend. Welcome to Nova Scotia’s darkest sky - and brightest stars

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Cooperating Association

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Volunteer Walk of Honour

This walk celebrates the achievements and dedication of a community of volunteers ~ residents of southwestern Nova Scotia and visitors to Kejimkujik ~ who are helping to chart a new course for some of our most vulnerable plants and animals and some of our most special places. Listen to their stories and share in the amazing, enjoyable, and satisfying experiences of volunteering!

What does the future hold for our rare species? What kind of communities do we want in southwestern Nova Scotia? You can influence the future ~ become a volunteer! Contact Visitor Center staff to find the perfect project for you.


The Volunteer Walk of Honour will evolve over time to reflect the growing commitment and achievements of each member. Contributions of time to exciting volunteer projects are tracked and accumulate from year to year.

Stones placed on the Volunteer Walk of Honour are engraved with the volunteers name and placed based on the number of accumulated hours

Bronze - 250 hrs
Gold - 1000 hrs
Platinum-2000 hr

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