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Friends of Keji

The Friends of Keji Cooperating Association is made up of a knowledgeable pool of people willing to share their expertise for the betterment of Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site.  We provide an important voice of support, with hands-on and financial assistance for complementary services and activities to visitors. 

Historic Site

“...the cultural landscape of Kejimkujik National Park, which attests to 4000 years of Mi’kmaq occupancy of this area, and which includes petroglyph sites, habitation sites, fishing sites, hunting territories, travel routes and burials, is of national historic significance...”

Species at Risk

The Adopt-A-Turtle program, which is administered through the Friends of Keji Cooperating Association, has 10 turtles available for adoption (males and females) at a cost of $33 for individuals, schools and businesses.

Dark Sky Preserve

Kejimkujik invites you to experience the astronomical depth of its Dark-Sky Preserve. Gaze at brilliant celestial bodies through a telescope, binoculars, or with the naked eye. Go deeper to discover how stars have inspired centuries of story, song and legend. Welcome to Nova Scotia’s darkest sky - and brightest stars

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Campground Host Program

Do you enjoy the outdoors, camping in a wilderness setting, sharing your experiences with others? If you answered yes to these questions, perhaps our Campground Host program is perfect for you!  Campground Hosts are volunteers who serve without pay to share their camping expertise and to assist the park with the operation of the campground.  Anyone age 18 or over is eligible to serve as a Campground Host, and Hosts receive a free park entry permit, free camping and free firewood in exchange for their service.

Are we looking for you?
Our hosts are outgoing and love meeting new people.

Our hosts are able to deal positively with different kinds of people and understand the limits of their authority and responsibility. They have strong camping experience, familiarity with the park and knowledge of the surrounding area (or are willing to do what it takes to gain such knowledge). Hosts provide their own camping equipment.

What do our hosts do?
Inform campers of park regulations, policies and procedures
Provide hospitality to campers
Provide information about local resources & attractions
Act as a good camping role model
Generally assist campers as needed
Walk through the campground every day
Submit a written report at the end of the term of service
Stay visible and approachable to campers by being outdoors frequently
Contact the Park staff when necessary
Stay in close communication with staff
Attend meetings with staff and other hosts
Refer problems to staff for solution
Other tasks as assigned by staff

Who works with our hosts?
Hosts work closely with staff at the park, and are supervised by Visitor Services.
Hosts are evaluated by the staff who work with them.

 When do our hosts work?
Hosts are on duty at least five days out of seven, with any days off taken mid-week.
Daily hours are concentrated in morning and evening. Hosts are “on call” whenever on site.

How are hosts trained?
New hosts are provided with training via shadowing an experanced host. Orientation includes an overview of the park, the Campground Hosts' Manual and the role of the hosts and emergency procedures. Hosts are provided with identification, an identified campsite, training, supervision and resource materials.

 Why Be A Volunteer Campground Host?
Aside from meeting great people and enjoying the pleasant surroundings of our wilderness campground, entry fees, camping fees and firewood fees are waived during your term of service. Other benefits include socializing and sense of belonging to and contributing to the park.

 How do I apply?
You can obtain an application form by writing to:
The Friends of Keji Cooperating Association
50 Pinetree Crescent
Hammonds Plains, NS 
B3Z 1K4
by e-mail at

Please include the full name and address of yourself and any partners who will be hosting with you.  After you have submitted your application and we have received your background checks, if all is in order, an interview will be conducted.  Applicants who are accepted will receive an agreement, to be signed by all the parties. The agreement makes it clear that the volunteer is responsible for his/her own liability.

 Training and support materials are provided in English only.

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